The first step of the process is indispensable: collection and processing of MRI or CT scan images. By combining innovative, efficient technology developed with the medical community and the image processing expertise of our engineers and technicians, we can analyze and best segment all of the DICOM images. Because of its on-going collaboration with medical imaging manufacturers, ONEFIT medical is at the forefront of technology and has been developing the next generation of image processing software.


Because ONEFIT medical has mastered the medical software development process, it is well positioned to meet the needs of its various customers. Our experienced software developers can provide either customized, specific or more universal solutions. Well informed of the latest technological innovations and equipped with cross-platform compatible software, the experts at ONEFIT medical will provide you with web-based surgical planning systems that are ergonomic and conform to regulatory requirements.


ONEFIT medical develops innovative medical instrumentation that is appropriate for orthopedics. A dedicated team of specially-trained technicians and engineers design single-use instruments using new techniques such as additive manufacturing (3D printing). The team at ONEFIT medical also optimizes the industrialization of customized products, develops sterile, single-use instrumentation along with the next generation of intelligent instruments.