Planning software

oneFIT Hip Planner is a preoperative planning tool for total hip replacement. It allows the positioning of the cup, stem and femoral head, in 3D, in the 3 views of space. This solution allows the various actors involved in the process to intervene and monitor total hip replacement (THR) procedures in a simple, precise and secure manner.


  • Access to key clinical parameters
  • Planning, calculations and 3D visualization
  • Traceability of the intervention thanks to the personalized report
  • Precision and ease of use
  • Implants of many manufacturers available
  • Online accessibility on a secure HDS server



oneFIT Hip PSI custom cutting guides are designed to uniquely adapt to the patient’s anatomy. They are designed to reproduce the parameters planned for the orientation of the femoral neck cut.

The guide and bone model are manufactured using precise 3D SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) printing technology in polyamide (PA 2200), a biocompatible and autoclavable material.


  • Reproduction of preoperative planning
  • Ease of use and positioning
  • Compatibility with standard instrumentation
  • Instrumentation tailored to the patient’s anatomy and the surgeon’s needs


In 6 steps over 4 weeks

1. Imaging


2. Reconstruction


3. Planning


4. Design


5. Manufacturing


6. Surgery


Regulatory information

Regulatory manufacturer: oneFIT medical
Custom guides: custom made medical devices (as defined by European Directive 93/42/EEC)
Planning software: Class I medical device with measurement function (according to European Directive 93/42/EEC) – CE 0459 marking by LNE/G-MED

Please read the user manual carefully before use.